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Let’s get Productive!

Our friends over at Biggerplate have launched a new initiative which will see the mind map library focus on a particular subject theme each month. For the month of October, the team have been focussing on Productivity and encouraging all users to share their own productivity maps. Head over to Biggerplate and check out our


Mind Mapping Software for Studying What is a Mind Map? A Mind Map is a graphical, visual, mapped representation of ideas, knowledge and information. It enables you to think and organise your ideas in highly visual, creative and engaging way. Typically, the layout is hierarchical, starting with a central idea or topic and all associated

Mind Mapping Tips: Export to MS Word from MindGenius

MindGenius provides the ability to export a Map to MS Word. This function is particularly useful when preparing a document, article, briefing, report or assignment. This “How To” Guide outlines how you can set up and use the Export to MS Word function… Where will I find this export function? The export to MS Word

Mind Mapping Training: Using Mind Maps in Everyday Life

For most people who are trying to put a balanced order in their lives, getting everything done within the allotted time frame is becoming more and more impossible—or at the very least, difficult. Home chores, social media, picking up the kids, taking Rufus to the vet—it seems that twenty four hours is never enough to

MindGenius has a Review Mode

MindGenius Version 5 incorporates a REVIEW MODE which lets you track Reviewer changes and capture comments. Reviewers can edit maps as normal but are prompted to contribute their reasons before committing the changes – this enables you to review once the map is sent back to you. Maps are switched in and out of Review

Mind Mapping for Project Management

Not the most obvious scenario for project managers or project workers – using mind mapping software for planning project requirements, creating work breakdown structures (WBS), then going on to use the same mind mapping software to schedule and ongoing monitor, control and close – what on earth could mind mapping possibly add or contribute to