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Healthcare Service Improvement with Mind Mapping

With a career spanning over 30 years in healthcare including front line work as an Occupational Therapist and more recently within Lead Service Improvement, Mary Duggan recalls the significance of mind mapping software within her role. Through her years of experience, Mary adapted her tools and approach in order to achieve a more productive and

MindGenius provide Training & Consultancy Services

At MindGenius we could easily just sell you a software package, leave you to it and hope that you start using it to take advantage of its functions and features as soon as possible. However, with many years of experience with a diverse range of global customers, we believe that proper adoption of MindGenius is

HallMark Use MindGenius To Make A Difference

  HallMark, based in Gloucestershire, UK, provide food safety and animal welfare compliance services across the UK. They strive to deliver superior performance by actively engaging stakeholders to deliver innovative and efficient solutions. They provide a managed service to the Food Standards Agency providing Official Controls in abattoirs in Wales and Scotland and Sample Collection