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Healthcare Service Improvement with Mind Mapping

With a career spanning over 30 years in healthcare including front line work as an Occupational Therapist and more recently within Lead Service Improvement, Mary Duggan recalls the significance of mind mapping software within her role. Through her years of experience, Mary adapted her tools and approach in order to achieve a more productive and

Mind Mapping for Project Management

Not the most obvious scenario for project managers or project workers – using mind mapping software for planning project requirements, creating work breakdown structures (WBS), then going on to use the same mind mapping software to schedule and ongoing monitor, control and close – what on earth could mind mapping possibly add or contribute to

6 Uses for Mind Mapping in Business

Whatever your pre-conceptions, or even misconceptions, of Mind Mapping, it is now becoming truly embedded as a real value-adding approach in many aspects of planning and working throughout the business and education sectors. The added power of mind mapping software such as MindGenius has propelled this methodology into the all-important efficiency and productivity arenas. Through

Mind Mapping: Definition, Uses and Advantages

Most people have great ideas and equally great thoughts about how they can execute those ideas into  tangible, successful, functional entities that don’t just reside in the mind. However, daily stress, work pressure, or even relaxation can jumble everything up, resulting in a confusing mess that is neither great nor successful in making itself tangible.

Productivity – Get It Mapped!

In businesses, offices and workplaces all around the world one of the main challenges facing us is trying to balance and cope with ever increasing workloads and constantly changing demands on both our time and output requirements. Most of the time, it seems that work is a constant pressure situation where we are continually juggling

Mind Mapping Ideas for an Effective Studying Habit

Let’s face it—not everyone is a genius, and not everyone can ace school without putting too much effort into researching, note taking, and countless hours and hours of studying. There hundreds, if not thousands, of programs and methods out there promising better information absorption and improved comprehension, but the use of mind maps—a visual information

How to Use Mind Mapping in Brainstorming and Meetings

Keeping up with brainstorming sessions in the office can be very challenging—especially if your main role is to try to take down every single information that gets thrown around in the drawing room! Taking down notes in meetings and creating reports for all the employees can be a daunting task, and absolutely overwhelming—but not if