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Overcoming Writers Block

Dr. Peter Moir of Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd shares his use of MindGenius to overcome “writers block” when writing a Research Paper. He has also created a template map to help others with the same process… “If like me you struggle getting started writing, anything, and find yourself staring at a blank screen and the

Mapping the Mind: a Productive Practise

Have you ever attempted at mapping the mind—yours, in particular? No, we’re not talking about MRIs or brain scans, or solving the mysteries of our mind’s vast, vast capabilities and exploring how far our neurological functions can stretch out and go—or maybe just a little bit. More often than not, we get glimpses of our

Healthcare Service Improvement

With a career spanning over 30 years in healthcare including front line work as an Occupational Therapist and more recently within Lead Service Improvement, Mary Duggan recalls the significance of mind mapping software within her role. Through her years of experience, Mary adapted her tools and approach in order to achieve a more productive and

Mind Mapping Training: Using Mind Maps in Everyday Life

For most people who are trying to put a balanced order in their lives, getting everything done within the allotted time frame is becoming more and more impossible—or at the very least, difficult. Home chores, social media, picking up the kids, taking Rufus to the vet—it seems that twenty four hours is never enough to

MindGenius has a Review Mode

MindGenius Version 5 incorporates a REVIEW MODE which lets you track Reviewer changes and capture comments. Reviewers can edit maps as normal but are prompted to contribute their reasons before committing the changes – this enables you to review once the map is sent back to you. Maps are switched in and out of Review

MindGenius provide Training & Consultancy Services

At MindGenius we could easily just sell you a software package, leave you to it and hope that you start using it to take advantage of its functions and features as soon as possible. However, with many years of experience with a diverse range of global customers, we believe that proper adoption of MindGenius is

Did you know… MindGenius contains Map Templates

MindGenius Version 5 includes a tile-based template gallery providing quick and easy access to a wide range of map templates to get you started. Templates are time-saving tools. Use Templates to define the look and style of a Map, saving time and re-work  for yourself and others. Templates define the style, layout and default content