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Overcoming Writers Block

Dr. Peter Moir of Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd shares his use of MindGenius to overcome “writers block” when writing a Research Paper. He has also created a template map to help others with the same process… “If like me you struggle getting started writing, anything, and find yourself staring at a blank screen and the

Mind Mapping Exercises To Show Your Value At Work

In today’s work environment, especially if your line of work is results-driven, you can only be as good as what the higher ups see on your report, and what they see when you present them with your latest marketing proposal, or your inputs during that last brainstorming session. Using mind mapping exercises in the office

Get Focus and Clarity on the Map!

Brainstorming sessions, team meetings, focus groups, workshops, training sessions, planning meetings, project meetings… think of how many meetings, sessions, groups, etc, businesses and organisations hold each day, each month, throughout the year – a staggering amount I would suggest! Is that your organisation? Is that you – do you hold or take part in a