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Overcoming Writers Block

Dr. Peter Moir of Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd shares his use of MindGenius to overcome “writers block” when writing a Research Paper. He has also created a template map to help others with the same process… “If like me you struggle getting started writing, anything, and find yourself staring at a blank screen and the

Think Strategy; Think MindGenius

Countless books and articles have been written on Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and other associated topics on Strategy. This short article provides a synopsis of the important area of Strategic Planning. Its aim is to act as a useful step-by-step guide to help with the sometimes complex aspect of business planning.   What is

Mind Mapping: Definition, Uses and Advantages

Most people have great ideas and equally great thoughts about how they can execute those ideas into  tangible, successful, functional entities that don’t just reside in the mind. However, daily stress, work pressure, or even relaxation can jumble everything up, resulting in a confusing mess that is neither great nor successful in making itself tangible.

Using MindGenius Mind Mapping Software to Re-energise Politics

Jim Mather is a former Member of the Scottish Parliament (2003 until 2011), including a spell as Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism from 2007 onward. Jim recently presented at Biggerplate Unplugged on the changes he believes are required to ensure mind mapping becomes mainstream. Jim focused primarily on his experiences with mind mapping both as