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Overcoming Writers Block

Dr. Peter Moir of Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd shares his use of MindGenius to overcome “writers block” when writing a Research Paper. He has also created a template map to help others with the same process… “If like me you struggle getting started writing, anything, and find yourself staring at a blank screen and the

Mapping the Mind: a Productive Practise

Have you ever attempted at mapping the mind—yours, in particular? No, we’re not talking about MRIs or brain scans, or solving the mysteries of our mind’s vast, vast capabilities and exploring how far our neurological functions can stretch out and go—or maybe just a little bit. More often than not, we get glimpses of our

Think Strategy; Think MindGenius

Countless books and articles have been written on Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and other associated topics on Strategy. This short article provides a synopsis of the important area of Strategic Planning. Its aim is to act as a useful step-by-step guide to help with the sometimes complex aspect of business planning.   What is

Creating a Compelling Vision for the Healthcare Sector

Former NHS professional Mary Duggan returns with her second blog post. Recalling moments from her role within the Healthcare sector, Mary shares her experiences, challenges and her methods to overcome the most difficult of business matters.  Actually, this isn’t so much about creating a compelling vision as creating the engaging narrative that accompanies it. All

Organisation for Inspiration: Mind Mapping

Brilliant minds produce brilliant ideas, and innovative thinkers come up with revolutionary thoughts and revolutionary solutions to the world’s most intriguing and difficult conundrums. But if one doesn’t know where to take those ideas, thoughts, and solutions, and how to present them, organise them, and record them, it will only join the many that have

Get Focus and Clarity on the Map!

Brainstorming sessions, team meetings, focus groups, workshops, training sessions, planning meetings, project meetings… think of how many meetings, sessions, groups, etc, businesses and organisations hold each day, each month, throughout the year – a staggering amount I would suggest! Is that your organisation? Is that you – do you hold or take part in a