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Creating a Compelling Vision for the Healthcare Sector

Former NHS professional Mary Duggan returns with her second blog post. Recalling moments from her role within the Healthcare sector, Mary shares her experiences, challenges and her methods to overcome the most difficult of business matters.  Actually, this isn’t so much about creating a compelling vision as creating the engaging narrative that accompanies it. All

Mind Mapping: Definition, Uses and Advantages

Most people have great ideas and equally great thoughts about how they can execute those ideas into  tangible, successful, functional entities that don’t just reside in the mind. However, daily stress, work pressure, or even relaxation can jumble everything up, resulting in a confusing mess that is neither great nor successful in making itself tangible.

Agile Planning with MindGenius Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping techniques can be applied to Agile planning concepts in addition to traditional project management processes. Agile project teams tend to favor low-tech solutions like note cards, sticky notes or a simple spreadsheet list of user stories. As Agile teams become distributed, it is helpful to work off a common product log and be