Personal Productivity

Mind Mapping SoftwarePersonal Productivity


Our Brain can be Easily
Cluttered with Information

It can be both useful and useless

Use Mind Genius to sort out these details and create something more productive.

Why is it great?

  • Personal task management
  • Goal setting
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Events management
  • Schedules and deadlines
  • Better communication
Create prioritised task lists

Quickly create plans for events, projects, strategy and more

  • Quickly record ideas and information in a highly visual format
  • Add notes, attachments and web links and create a dashboard of easily accessible information
  • Categorize and filter your map to help you focus on the priority tasks
  • Synchronize your map tasks with MS Outlook and update in either application once complete
  • Export your maps to MS Office and other applications to create final deliverables without retyping any information

Synchronize your maps with MS Outlook to improve action management