Brainstorming and Meetings

Mind Mapping SoftwareBrainstorming and Meetings


Fresh ideas are hard to
come by at times.

It can become frustrating when a room full of people
can’t do or not have the creative mindset for the job.

Mind genius can help with these situations during meetings and brainstorming to start your new project.

  • It can be an alternative to a flip chart or white boards.
  • Cleaner visual layout
  • Better structure for better comprehension of cluttered ideas
  • The process can be used for idea generation, SWOT analysis, requirements gathering, project risk identification, capturing actions at meetings, strategy planning etc.

Why is it great?

  • A simple drag and drop motion
  • Different layouts can be used for a different view of the map
  • Categorisation
  • Prioritisation
  • Faster turnaround for data
Use MindGenius to facilitate SWOT Analysis sessions
With MindGenius, there is no need to transcribe information from white boards post brainstorming. Information can be immediately analyzed, understood and progressed to maintain momentum.

  • Re-structure with simple drag and drop
  • View data in various layouts to get different insights
  • Categorize using customizable category sets
  • Filter by priority & category to get clarity on next steps
  • Data available much quicker than previously possible

Or use the in-built brainstorming mode to quickly capture ideas

Start analysing your ideas during the session by restructuring and adding categories