MindGenius Uses

Mind Mapping SoftwareMindGenius Uses

What is Mind Genius?

MindGenius is a mind mapping software that can boost the way you and your team establish and build on your ideas. It allows you to visualize your idea and its components, analyze them, and unleash them to their full potential. With the MindGenius software, you can create a graphic representation of your ideas so you can see them clearly and strategically.

Capture Information

Use MindGenius to:

  • Brainstorm for innovation and generating new ideas
  • Plan strategies, projects, events, tasks & workload
  • Rapidly gather project requirements, risks, constraints & dependencies
  • Capture the conversation and actions during meetings

MindGenius can ensure a comprehensive capture of ideas, information and knowledge to ensure your projects get off to the best possible start.

Visualize and Gain Understanding

The capture process is only the start of any project or task. To add real value you need to be able to get clarity on your information to understand it, prioritize and take action.

Using Data

Capturing your data in map format allows you to take action far quicker than previously possible. The map provides to ability to; manage meetings and tasks, manage projects with the integrated Gantt chart, prepare slide presentations and more, without the need to use any other applications. Maps can also be exported to automatically create PDF documents, MS Project plans, MS PowerPoint slide decks and more without the re-typing of any information.

MindGenius Gantt chart with critical path in view A more innovative way to engage with clients

swot1 Apply categories and then filter to provide focus and clarity Visualize and clearly communicate the scope of your project Produce presentation quality reports from your project map data