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Business Consultancy with a difference…

The business landscape has changed, however we see many companies, business and marketing strategies have not, which is costing you money.

  • The way we have to conduct our business today is different.
  • We have to diversify on how we gather, store and utilise information within our business
  • The internet has flattened the business landscape making ALL opportunities available to anyone, anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection.
  • This means your competition is not local, not national but now international!

Who can we help?

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow or having problems within your business – speaking with us is the first step towards creating a better future for your business. Our business consultants can take your business to the next level or bring it back from the brink. If you want to have a chat and find out what we can do for you, pick up the phone or email us.

What’s Different with us?

The simple answer is EVERYTHING!

Using the Powerful MindGenius software coupled with the background of the Australian and New Zealand Business Team, we can offer you complete business solutions including:

  • MindGenius Basic through to Advanced Support
    • Roll Out of MindGenius through your organisation from 1 Unit to over 10,000
    • Assistance with Map Template Creation and Graphics
    • Project Management and Business Development
    • Advanced Sales and Marketing Strategies and Implementation
    • Social Website Development, Online and Offline marketing strategy roll out’s

Team Overview:

As Boost Your Business is owned and operated by Colin Cooper who is also the CEO of MindGenius Australia & New Zealand, you have access to over 26 staff members, bringing a wealth of on the ground business knowledge.

About Colin Cooper

Colin Cooper started in the internet business when large corporations were still relying on analogue modems and ISDN over traditional phone lines. In fact, his very first client is still his client today—about two decades later—now that speaks volumes about how he’s kept abreast of today’s markets and taken his clients with him. Colin has had experience in offline businesses as well, including traditional advertising and print media. However as an online expert, his experience and knowledge becomes invaluable to those he’s mentoring. The knowledge he has gained over the years has helped him launch a variety of successful ventures and steer his clients toward success. With a list a successful clients and constantly in demand to be sharing his knowledge and skills there is no better place to start when clients are looking for guidance in any area of their business.  Colin believes strongly in advising and educating his clients to become successful independently and his training and implementation process sets his clients up for success and future sustainability in all areas of their business.

Quick Business Scope:

  • Start-up Franchises – Assisted with developing businesses to franchise nationally and internationally, creating multi-success stories.
  • Small & Medium Businesses – Known for doing business turn around using proven strategies that assure success.  From onset to implementation and follow up consultancy, business owner are sometimes even unaware that this type of assistance is available to them.
  • Conducted business in over 23 countries.
  • Developed Successful businesses for Clients in over 100 industries.

About Julie Jenkins

Julie has worked in Management for the past 25 years, having managed her own business’s to multi-faceted companies her experience is vast in being able to recognise short falls, then building and implementing systems to achieve results. As a Project Director for  MindGenius her skills are well utilised in being able to recognise and associate with either small or large business applications, feeding the ability within every business to be able to do things better, be more efficient and increase productivity.

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