4 Uses of Mind Mapping that will Guarantee You a Productive New Year

It’s almost time to down tools, abandon your desk and enjoy this season’s festivities but before then, have you planned ahead for 2015? 1. PLANNING Mapping out tasks, priorities and deadlines provides the ideal format to capture, sort and categorise your own or your team’s workload. The mapping exercise allows you to visualise everything and

Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping, and Maximising Productivity

If you’ve heard of mind maps, you’ve definitely heard of its father, psychology expert, tv host, and educational consultant, Anthony Peter “Tony” Buzan. Mind Mapping is one of Buzan’s biggest productivity and educational tools, advocating its advantages and benefits since the birth of its very concept in his show, “Use Your Head,” in the 1970′s.

Did you know…MindGenius integrates with MS Outlook.

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The MindGenius integration with MS Outlook… Branches can have their task properties synchronised between MindGenius and MS Outlook Map your Actions / Tasks (the “What”) Use task scheduling to schedule due dates (the “When”) Direct distribution of Actions / Tasks to MS Outlook “Send selection” distribution sends email notification to task owner(s) Synchronise with MS