7 Day Video Course

Mind Mapping Software7 Day Video Course

Suffering from Information Overload and not enough time in the day??? We have the solution!

Mind Mapping will change the way you capture, organise and store your information, plan and execute your business. This 7 day free course will put you onto the fast track on being productive and achieving more in 2014.  If you can invest less than 10 minutes per day for the next 7 days then you will be able to see the power of mind mapping and what it can do for you. We are keen to assist you in becoming familiar with it quickly and easily. Over the seven days you will learn all the basic elements to create and utilise this powerful tool, you’ll be able to build your own map, customise it, and put it to work!!

Course Breakdown:

DAY1 What is a Mind Map and Starting to Build a Map
DAY1 Success Rules of Mind Mapping, adding Colour, Styles and Numbering to your Map
DAY1 Uses and Benefits of Mind Mapping, Inserting Pictures and Notes
DAY1 Exploring Templates in MindGenius. Floating Pictures, Text and Mental Connections.
DAY1 Exporting from MindGenius. Adding Branches and Categories.
DAY1 Why Mind Maps Work. Map Explorer and maximising your space for Creating.
DAY1 Why MindGenius? Gantt View for Project Management and Overview.

We look forward to having you with us for the next 7 days and trust you will enjoy the course, be inspired by the huge potential implementing this tool into your life and business will bring.  We look forward to your feedback after you’ve completed our 7 day course.

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