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What is MindGenius?

MindGenius is a mind mapping software that can boost the way you and your team establish and build on your ideas. It allows you to visualize your idea and its components, analyze them, and unleash its full potential.

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MindGenius 6

MindGenius is committed to being a cost-effective Mind Mapping software solution for individuals and businesses. Pricing is based on a perpetual licensing model which means there are no costly, monthly subscription fees...

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Read our Getting Started PDF or view our 2 minute video which will show you the key features you require to get started quickly or use our online Resources to find out how others are using MindGenius.

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MindGenius webinars aim to share knowledge on how to make the most out of MindGenius and are free to attend. A webinar is an online meeting where the audio is streamed via the internet.

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Our Services

MindGenius Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy with a difference... The business landscape has changed, however we see many companies, business and marketing strategies have not, which is costing you money. The way we have to con…

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Useful Links

Use our online Resources to find out how others are using MindGenius, keep up to date with the latest news and read articles on making the most of MindGenius or Alternatively download our MindGenius User Guide…

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Why Use Mind Mapping

Key Reasons why you should select MindGenius as your mapping solution: Designed specifically to use the Mind Mapping technique for Business purposes The most intuitive product with the quickest and easi…

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Custom Case Studies

MindGenius helped Peter to overcome the complexity of the research he was undertaking. Peter is now in the final write up stage of his thesis project. Not only is he using MindGenius to help him with the write …

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MindGenius for Education

MindGenius is tried and tested mind mapping software for Education, having been available since 2001. MindGenius contains specific resources created by and with those in the Education field and is used for:…

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What Is MindGenius?

MindGenius is a business mind mapping software that helps you capture, visualize and use the information within your business. Designed specifically to meet business needs and this understanding comes across in every single piece of functionality, all added to assist with the common business processes that you face every day, from gathering ideas to managing projects and tasks or presenting to colleagues or clients.

Thousands of people worldwide have been using MindGenius for more than ten years, download a free fully functional 30 day trial and experience it for yourself.

From The Blog

Overcoming Writers Block

Dr. Peter Moir of Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd shares his use of MindGenius to overcome “writers block” when writing a Research Paper. He has also created a template map to help others with the same process… …

02 Feb 2015

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Mapping the Mind: a Productive Practise

Have you ever attempted at mapping the mind—yours, in particular? No, we're not talking about MRIs or brain scans, or solving the mysteries of our mind's vast, vast capabilities and exploring how far our neurol…

21 Jan 2015

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Think Strategy; Think MindGenius

Countless books and articles have been written on Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and other associated topics on Strategy. This short article provides a synopsis of the important area of Strat…

17 Jan 2015

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Creating a Compelling Vision for the Hea…

Former NHS professional Mary Duggan returns with her second blog post. Recalling moments from her role within the Healthcare sector, Mary shares her experiences, challenges and her methods to overcome the most …

19 Dec 2014

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Healthcare Service Improvement with Mind…

With a career spanning over 30 years in healthcare including front line work as an Occupational Therapist and more recently within Lead Service Improvement, Mary Duggan recalls the significance of mind mapping …

19 Nov 2014

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Healthcare Service Improvement

With a career spanning over 30 years in healthcare including front line work as an Occupational Therapist and more recently within Lead Service Improvement, Mary Duggan recalls the significance of mind mapping …

13 Nov 2014

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Let's get Productive!

Our friends over at Biggerplate have launched a new initiative which will see the mind map library focus on a particular subject theme each month. For the month of October, the team have been focussing on Produ…

24 Oct 2014

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Biggerplate Unplugged

Earlier this month our Head of Client Development, Jamie MacDonald attended Biggerplate Unplugged alongside other developers, consultants, bloggers and mind map users, in the wonderful City of Berlin! Attend…

22 Oct 2014

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Think About It! | Mind Mapping Software …

There are many skills a person requires to be successful in their business life. It is hard to decide which skills are more important than others, but one could argue that it depends on each individual, their j…

22 Sep 2014

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Did You Know...You Gain Better Clarity a…

In most cases, after we have captured and mapped a mass of ideas, knowledge and information, we need to re-structure our map in order to aid understanding and bring focus and clarity to the exercise (e.g. we ma…

18 Sep 2014

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Mind Mapping Software for Studying What is a Mind Map? A Mind Map is a graphical, visual, mapped representation of ideas, knowledge and information. It enables you to think and organise your ideas in highly…

17 Sep 2014

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Mind Mapping Tips: Export to MS Word fro…

MindGenius provides the ability to export a Map to MS Word. This function is particularly useful when preparing a document, article, briefing, report or assignment. This “How To” Guide outlines how you can …

16 Sep 2014

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Milliken and Company Case Study

Milliken & Company’s Chemical Division is a global manufacturer of innovative specialty chemical additives and colorants. In 2012, the division began an initiative to revitalize its Project Management capab…

09 Sep 2014

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How to Use Question Sets with MindGenius…

MindGenius provides a selection of pre-installed Question Sets. Question Sets are available for a range of subjects and purposes such as strategy, planning, essay writing and writing a business plan, among o…

14 Aug 2014

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Branch Properties Can be Formatted and U…

Map Branch properties can be formatted and user-defined to suit individual needs and to add colour and various properties to any/all branches. This provides visual enhancement, highlights areas of importance an…

13 Aug 2014

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Mind Mapping Training: Using Mind Maps i…

For most people who are trying to put a balanced order in their lives, getting everything done within the allotted time frame is becoming more and more impossible—or at the very least, difficult. Home chores, s…

23 Jul 2014

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